The hope in excellent performances  

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 Uganda Cranes International  Children’s Choir (UCICC)  


About Uganda Cranes Children’s  Choir

Uganda Cranes International Children’s Choir (UCICC) is a children’s choir founded to bring Ugandan children who love music, dance and drama giving them the chance to demonstrate their potential worldwide

The talented children of Uganda Cranes International Children’s Choir have performed in Europe and Africa, more and especially in Uganda their homeland performing both traditional songs as well as other African dances  

The dances and songs sung by these children brings hope to them and the entire world 

The choir is composed of twenty school children between ten (8) and sixteen (16) years old, Our excellent performances are a combined of Christian and cultural Africa standard songs, poems, dances and drama. 

The Children's Choir has had frequent performances and has recorded CD audio and DVD. 

The Purpose is:To Sing to National and International audiences learns about new culture, form friendships and participate in organized educational tours.where its music of hope, love, comfort and joy also find its meaning.




The difference                                                                                                                                                                 Uganda Cranes International Children’s Choir  It’s locally initiated and aims to advocate for the orphan’s rights and to raise resources to generate self-sustainable support

Uganda Cranes  International Children’s  Choir PO Box 25359 Kampala Uganda East Africa.Tel. +256 414 466078,  +256 772 615755.  Email: ,www